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48400 VEBRON

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Known today for its International Film Festival which takes place in mid-July, the village has kept its southern charm with its large shaded square. The origin of Vébron comes from the old Occitan "vibrated" or "vibro" designating the beaver. The village is dominated by the castle said "Châteauroux" is built on a schistous spur, monitoring the entire valley. Several paths delimit it: the paths coming from Vanels, Meyrueis and Fraissinet de Fourques, the paths of Rousses and Pompidou. Dating from the 12th or 13th century, the history of St. Peter's Church in Vébron is closely linked to the village. The priory of Vbron depended on the monastery of Sainte-Enimie in the 14th century. Following the wars of religion around 1560, the building was abandoned and partly destroyed. The church rebuilt in 1687 will be maintained for a long time by the family of Bernis of the castle of Salgas. Today The building being desacralized, it will be dedicated to the cultural life of the village.


Natural regions : Cevennes

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