Fishing in Lozère

2700 km of first-class rivers and streams, make for an angler's heaven. Conserving stocks to ensure a healthy future, the number of "no kill" areas has steadily increased.

Specially built hides on the riverbanks enable nature lovers to observe heron, waterfowl, woodcock and other birds at close quarters. The mirror-like surfaces of glacial lakes high in the Aubrac, the lakes at Naussac and Villefort, with their sailing and bathing facilities, and the web of waterways provides a feast of superb activities, both on and beside the water.

Health-giving spa waters spring from the ground at places like La Chaldette, on the Aubrac plateau and besides the Lot at Bagnols les Bains. Simple to access, with no massive impersonal clinics, this is thermal health treatment on its most natural and human scale. Thundering over cascades or flooding along the gorges of the Tarn, the Jonte and the Dourbie, water has carved the history of the entire Lozère territory.