48800 ALTIER

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It is a hybrid route, road for most but also pedestrian. In order to reach the most beautiful view of Villefort and the Altier Valley, you will have to climb and climb the cross of Gratassac, a veritable mirador of the surroundings. Easier will be the continuation in the impressive gorges of Chassezac, which you will be able to observe without effort since its belvedere. The heritage resources will also be honored with two large castles at the beginning of the itinerary, then thanks to the majestic Middle Ages village of La Garde Guerin, one of the most beautiful villages in France.


Natural regions : CevennesMont Lozere


Beacon : Yellow and red GR de Pays

Level : Medium

Distance : 30 km

Duration in hours : 02:40 h

Loop itinerary : no

Useful tips

The itinerary is feasible in half a day, but the whole day is preferable in order to be worthy to appreciate these natural and patrimonial richnesses. La Croix de Gratassac is an ideal place for lunch, think to take something to hydrate, the hike is relatively short but its elevation is high. The rock is rather slippery, it is necessary to be well shod before attacking the trail. The Guard Guerin Tower is not to be missed, the view is really interesting but its accessibility is small and narrow, so be very careful.

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